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RSCE Alliance Transportation project for MRT tram from Spain to New Taipei City

Entrusted by members of the RSCE Alliance, intermax Taiwan Branch recently completed an excellent project of transportation and on-site installation of a MRT mock-up tram. The mock-up is a 1:1 scale Taiwan MRT car model, with a size of 17.6 * 2.65 * 3.8m and a weight of 11000kg. It is transported from Valencia port of Spain to Taichung port of Taiwan by the special mafi board of RORO ship, and then we arrange the transfer vehicle to pick up the car in Taichung port, then transport it by road to the ground point designated by the customer, and unload the car in place

RSCE Introduction

RSCE Allianc, full name ROLLING STOCK CARGO EXPERSTS , Founded in 2018, it is jointly initiated by domestic and foreign logistics companies specializing in rail train transportation. As one of the founding members, intermax is currently mainly responsible for the logistics and transportation services of rail buses, rail freight trains and related supporting products in Asia and Oceania. It can provide a variety of transportation services such as land transportation, ocean transportation, air transportation, etc., and can also provide professional supporting land transportation vehicle board, RORO special mafi version, special loading and unloading tooling, special RORO loading and unloading platform, etc

STEP 1 Loading at Spain

STEP 2 Unloading at Taichung port and discharging at site


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