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We launched from Wuhan, lianyungang, Chengdu, Chongqing railway transport with LCL and FCL service, according to the customer's destination and timeliness request, we can arrange weekly  different area from China to Europe and  return trip .Our service covers the multimodal transport,(railway ,road, sea, air transport), we have the perfect distribution network with high quality door to door service, and can be bonded in customer transfer cargo connected to the Taiwan, Japan ,South Korea and Asean. 
●According to the request designing characteristics packaging solutions provide the goods with freezing temperature, humidity, cold storage, constant temperature container, and special size 45 "container, etc.
●Can provide rail - ocean transport, goods from the northeast Asia - Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Taiwan and other countries, could be sent by ocean to China and then sent to the continent by rail.
●According to the characteristics of goods and special cargo design packaging solutions ,provide Reefer container, Garment hanger container,Open-top container and special size 45 "container  satisfy for all kinds of cargo requirement
●Multimodal Transportation, international transit the goods from the northeast Asia - Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Taiwan and other countries of the goods, sent via central railway to the continent.
●warehouse in Hamburg and Venlo ,Provide reliable devanning  and  trucking service.
●Offer international multimodal transport services from Europe to China
●Export customs clearance and commodity inspection at starting station; Fumigation of containers, full insurance of the goods.
●SOC buying for customers and also loading and unloading, reinforcement
●Frontier port customs transmit and reloading
●Making and post operation documents, including the proof of delivery in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
●Use high security seals and bar lock to ensure the safety of the goods
●Provide reliable tracking information for goods in transit


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